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So about the film Penelope



I liked the movie a hella lot. It wasn’t as great as it could have been, It felt very jarring and inconsistent in tone. It would go from extremely comical and crazy to dark and emotional in a matter of milliseconds in a very uncomfortable and unpleasing way

BUT what I adored about the movie was 4 things

Let me gladly explain how beautiful the love story was in detail below

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As a bi girl, sometimes I look at boys and I’m like:


And other times I’m like:


And then sometimes I look at girls and I’m like:


And still other times I look at girls and I’m like:


And I swear it all depends on my mood

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Anonymous asked: Hey what school do you go to?


The Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

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Can I panic now?

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"My theory is that when it comes to important subjects, there are only two ways a person can answer. Which way they choose, tells you who that person is. For instance, there are only two kinds of people in the world, Beatles people and Elvis people. Now Beatles people can like Elvis and Elvis people can like the Beatles, but nobody likes them both equally. Somewhere you have to make a choice. And that choice, tells you who you are.” Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction [deleted scene that was included in the special collector’s edition]

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do you ever listen to a song and remember exactly what life was like when you first heard it

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Jensen Ackles Chicon 2013.  [x]

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Brad Pitt in 1994.

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